Mikey Williams announces his HBCU-led Top 10 recruitment list

By Andre Monroe

Mikey Williams is one of the poster childs for young basketball athletes around the country. He’s in that same group with players like Bronny James, Jalen Lewis, and more. And rightfully so, as he’s one of the best players in the 2023 class. Williams has recently narrowed his school choices down to ten.

“I appreciate every college that has recruited me up until this point but here’s my top 10. Let’s Rock!” Williams said in a Twitter post. Mikey Williams has been vocal about his desire to play for an HBCU. A path not many prolific recruits go down. In his list, HBCUs made up half of the list.

Mikey Williams’s Top 10 ( no order )

– North Carolina Central
– Alabama State
– Texas Southern
– Hampton
– Tennessee State
– Kansas
– Memphis
– Arizona State
– San Diego State

The inspiration to play for an HBCU may come from his mother, who attended Hampton University. It would be interesting to see if he follows in the footsteps of Makur Maker, the five-star recruit who committed to Hampton University earlier this month. It’s refreshing to see players aware at such a young age of the benefits that going to an HBCU could have on their community.

It’s hard to not look past the cons of college basketball, though. Many players have looked past the NCAA to go straight to the NBA’s G Leauge. Players in the G Leauge can earn up to $500,000. Players are looking to capitalize early on their name, something the NCAA doesn’t allow you to do. The possibility of going straight to the G Leauge is still on the table for Mikey Williams, but it seems as if he’s heading down the road of college. It’ll be interesting to see what his final decision is.

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