The Emergence of Mycha Pittman

Although many Freshmen wide-outs rarely even see the field their first year, a beacon of light shining for the Ducks receiving core, which has seemed to have fallen off from the explosive speed of the Chip Kelly days, is the emergence of #4 Mycha Pittman. Although last year overshadowed by his brother, Biletnokoff Finalist, and 2nd Round draft pick, Micheal Pittman jr, Mycha managed to make a name for himself in his partially injured first season.

Coming out of college Mycha was labeled the #13 ranked wide-receiver, obtaining offers from many blue chip programs such as USC, Alabama, Florida, Notre Dame, yet choosing Oregon. This speaks to his mentality to make a name for himself by fading the opportunity to play at home under his brother’s shadow. Scouts across the country were amazed by his size, speed, and agility, standing 6 ft tall 185 lbs. National Recruiting Analyst Greg Biggins, commented, “Thick build, especially in his lower body and is a very strong kid. Has a running back body and runs like one after the catch.” This statement proved true last, as Pittman’s highlights of the seasons revolved around his ability to take screen passes and slants to the house. 

Overall Mycha put up 227 yards and 2 touchdowns on 18 receptions, which delivers hope that on a 50 catch pase he will be an absolute beast. The stats were somewhat padded by having a NFL caliber quarterback, Justin Herbet, gunsling the ball to him, but remember he did much of his work after the catch. For now we have to hope he builds a strong connection with Tyler Shough, the presumed winner of the QB contest for next year.

NFL player Comparison:

Chris Godwin

Although one could say this is completely overhyping Pittman, Godwin in college has a similar build, plays the slot, runs similar routes, and also had an nearly identical freshman season at Penn State, posting up 338 yards and 2 touchdowns on 26 receptions. Godwin was able to make a massive jump, and I predict the same with Pittman to match Godwin by posting a 1000 yard season.

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