KJ Costello, representing the Pac 12

By Kellan King

Over the weekend, former Stanford QB KJ Costello dominated the defending champs LSU, throwing for 623 yards and 5 touchdowns in his first game for Mississippi State. In doing this he not only led his team to a huge upset as 14.5 point underdogs, but he and Coach Mike Leach proved that the talent and scheme from the Pac 12 can hang with best the best of em in the big, bad SEC.

There was a lot of skepticism when the Bulldogs decided to hire Mike Leach, and even more when KJ Costello transferred and was named the starter. Many though that Costello, who was successful at Stanford, but was by no stretch of the imagination a Heisman Contender, could improve or even replicate what he did in the Pac 12. This is due to the notion that the SEC is the best conference top to bottom, and conversely that the Pac 12 is one of if the weakest conferences.

That’s why it was so shocking to see the Bulldogs have so much success. Right from the start, Mississippi State attacked, throwing the ball downfield, and punching the Tigers in the mouth. Even once they got up, they kept throwing, and KJ Costello kept delivering. He played with no fear, and played like he belonged. Now he is 4th in the heisman odds, and Mississppi State is ranked 16th in the country.  

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