Press Release: Insider Institute + SportsCastr

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, (October 14th, 2020) – Insider Institute is excited to announce a strategic partnership with SportsCastr.

SportsCastr is a free mobile app and website that allows anyone to be the color commentary on popular sports events. In real time, SportsCastr allows users to look like a professional sportscaster with tools and features that used to only be available in a studio setting:

  • Broadcast-quality on-air graphics automatically make your stream look like it’s on TV
  • Call games and share reactions with real-time scores and play-by-plays added to your live stream
  • Chat with other viewers in real time and follow your favorite personalities
  • Share your broadcasts on social and be the star of your own channel
  • Access game insights that provide cliff-notes on the game you’re streaming about

SportsCastr is backed by NFL All-Star Richard Sherman, legendary NCAA basketball coach Jim Boeheim and NFL Player & Entrepreneur Vernon Davis. The SportsCastr team is made up of sports industry veterans, media moguls, innovative technologists and data scientists, award-winning designers and expertise from a wide range of industries.

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