Dons down Virginia!

By Kellan King

In the biggest upset of the young season, and the biggest USF win since 1981, USF shocked the world and took down #4 Virginia.

The Dons were led by 33 points from the backcourt of Jamaree Bouyea and Khalil Shabazz, and were boosted by 13 team threes. The Dons were scrappy, and never fell behind by more then 7. They took a late 7 point lead behind a Taavi Jurkatamm 3, and held on to win by 1, surviving a Sam Hauser 3 at the buzzer.

The Dons are coming off a 1-1 start, including a disappointing loss to UMASS Lowell. The Dons showed no fear today though, and played like they belonged. They played great defence the whole game, including a stretch where Virginia shot 1-16.

The Dons will play next on Sunday against Rhode Island, and hope to build off this huge win through the rest of the season. If they can play defense like they did today, and continue to make tough shots and open 3s, the Dons could be a very dangerous team this year.

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