COVID-19 Shuts Down 2021 Beanpot

The Beanpot has been the mecca for college hockey in Massachusetts since 1952. It’s become a beloved city tradition featuring the four powerhouses, the Boston College Eagles, Boston University Terriers, Harvard Crimson and Northeastern Huskies. For the first time in history, the Beanpot including the women’s has been canceled due to Covid-19 health concerns. An announcement by Hockey East called for a conference only 2020-2021 season with limited travel and intersection with schools outside the Northeast. Unfortunately, it was inevitable as the Ivy League, Harvard University canceled their winter sports program the Thursday beforehand with the Beanpot less than two months away. Good news for Bostonians, commissioner Steve Metcalf officially announced there will be a tournament for the 2021-22 season. The women from the same four colleges also play annually in the Beanpot tournament, these games are always held at the TD Garden, home of the Boston Bruins. Both the men’s and women’s tournaments will not be played this season. 

With the holidays behind us and the sports world in a lull, as tradition follows the Beanpot would have ignited a mere 24 hours after the Superbowl kickoff. First-round opponents rotate on an annual basis. Then, the following Monday in February, the tournament returns for the second round – the finals. There are two events played on this day, the consolation game followed by the championship. 

Many ask why Monday nights? It has been a long time tradition held on the first two Mondays in February, the schedule is intended to compete against the few events going on that time of the year and day of the week for attention. The in-town rivalries are second to none on television or in person. The loud ruckus coming from the college hockey student sections can be sensitive to one’s ears. “Viewer discretion is advised, may not be suitable for all audiences.”   

This is the first time in the 68 year history the event will be canceled, not even the Blizzard of ‘78 when 27 inches of snow which sent the region into a state of emergency stopped 11,666 diehard fans from coming into the 15,000 seat old Boston Garden to see the opening round of the annual college hockey tournament. 

Here are some interesting Beanpot facts:

  • Boston University has the most championships with 30, Boston College with 20, Harvard with 11 and Northeastern with 7.
  • Boston College won 8 of the first 13 tournaments.
  • Boston University has scored in each game since 1963, a span of 90 games.
  • Boston University or Boston College have always made it to the final round.
  • Harvard University and Northeastern University have never met in the finals. Ironically, both women’s teams have historically commanded

         the Women’s Beanpot.

  • Before Northeastern’s 3 year championship streak (2018-2020), the team was “title-less” since 1988.
  • In February 2020, a thriller double-overtime win for both Northeastern men’s and women’s Beanpot titles last season as they defeated Boston University for the championship.

The Beanpot adds national significance, the last 9 Beanpot tournaments, the team that won went on to be the team to advance the furthest in the NCAA tournament. 

  • 2008 – Boston College won the Beanpot and the national title.
  • 2009 – Boston University won the Beanpot and national title
  • 2010 – Boston College won the Beanpot and the national title
  • 2011 – Boston College won the Beanpot, won the Hockey East title, and                was the only Beanpot school to qualify for the NCAA tournament
  • 2012 – Boston College won the Beanpot and the national title
  • 2013 – Boston College won the Beanpot and was the only Beanpot school to qualify for the NCAA tournament
  • 2014 – Boston College won the Beanpot and advanced to the Frozen Four
  • 2015 – Boston University won the Beanpot and advanced to the national championship game, nearly winning the national title before this happened:
  • 2016 – Boston College won the Beanpot and advanced to the Frozen Four
  • 2017 – Harvard University won the Beanpot and advanced to the Frozen Four
  • 2018 & 2019 – Northeastern University advanced to the NCAA Tournament 

Simply put, Boston is a baseball town with a hockey problem. We’ll have to suck it up and wait for some of the best hockey in town when the Beanpot returns in 2022. As for now, we’ll be singing the “Beanpot Blues.”

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