SMC keeps it close, can’t overcome offensive woes against Gonzaga

By Kellan King

St Marys came into their game against #1 Gonzaga with little expectations. Almost no team has been able to keep it close against the Zags, and they have 3 of the best players in the country. But when SMC went up 22-12 10 minutes into the game, that feeling changed. The Gaels were the first team to go up double digits on Gonzaga, and it felt like they had maybe figured out how to limit the explosive Zag offense.  

Then came an offensive drought similar to the one to end the BYU game. St Marys only scored 3 points, taking poor shots, not moving the ball, and not making some makeable shots. Against a team like Gonzaga, you have to play near perfect ball, and St Marys played that way for 30 minutes. They won 50-50 balls, crashed the boards, and controlled the pace. And yet, they still lost by 14. 

That isn’t at all an indictment on St Marys. They are a very good team, and executed their gameplan for the most part. Gonzaga is just by far the best team in the country, and if you make mistakes, they will pounce on you in the blink of an eye.

One response to “SMC keeps it close, can’t overcome offensive woes against Gonzaga”

  1. This is a great recap of the game. it was clear it was concise and it covered all the aspects of the two teams and the game.


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