Grant Flood: UMass Lowell v. New Hampshire Postgame Chat

UMass Lowell River Hawks v. New Hampshire Wildcats

Interview with River Hawks’ Head Coach, Pat Duquette, February 20, 2021

Published by Grant Flood

This fall I am entering my Junior year at Rising Tide Charter School in Plymouth, Massachusetts. My hometown is in East Bridgewater and I am a fanatic on all sports, NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE and NASCAR. A loyal fan for my local teams but also a devotee for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Kings, New York Mets and Portland Trail Blazers. I currently commentate a variety of sports games on SportsCastr along with being a member of the All Sports Talk Show and a writer for Tecmo Hole. Last summer, I had attended Play by Play broadcasting camp and I am the founder of the PowerSkate Show on YouTube. When I'm not covering sports I enjoy watching past sports games, researching sports and statistics and posting current sports news daily on social media.

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