SimBull NFL Team Breakdown: The Atlanta Falcons

By Andre Monroe

You just have to feel sorry for Falcons fans across the world. They’ve been subject to countless disappointments over the years. They’re coming off a 4-12 season in 2020, finishing last in their division. After an 0-5 start the Falcons fired coach Dan Quinn along with GM Thomas Dimitroff. The Falcons’ shortcomings are disappointing largely because they’ve had the talent. Will this season be any different?

Reasons for Investing on SimBull

While their past hasn’t been good, it seems as if the Atlanta Falcons are preparing for the future. Matt Ryan is aging, they’ve brought in a new coaching staff, they’ve revamped their front office, and Julio Jones was recently traded to the Titans. Not to mention, they arguably drafted a generational talent this year in Kyle Pitts. Arthur Smith is the Falcons’ new head coach, and he’s gotten acclaim for contributing to Ryan Tannenhill’s resurgence. He operated a great offense in his years with the Titans, so it’s not a stretch to believe he can do the same with the Falcons.

Reasons to NOT Invest on SimBull:

The Falcons have revamped their team, but they remain untrustworthy. Authur Smith was a great coordinator, but transitioning to a head coach is a hard task. Matt Ryan has been on the decline recently. He’s been subpar even with a great amount of talent. The Falcons have an infusion of youth on both sides of the ball, and how those players will develop is yet to be seen. They also just traded away Julio Jones, one of the best players in franchise history. It will be hard to replace his leadership, production, and talent. They still have a suspect defensive core, and a young offense.

My Opinion:

The Atlanta Falcons are valued at $39 on SimBull NFL, the fifth-lowest among teams. While they’ve been disappointing in recent years, I believe the only way is up for the Falcons. They’re under a new regime and getting a fresh start. Arthur Smith will be vital in helping Matt Ryan and improving this offense full of young talent. The Bucs will likely finish first in the NFC South, but the Falcons can easily be competing for the second spot in the division. It makes sense to be hesitant, but the Falcons are a team worth considering to spend your wallet on.

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