Rutgers Team Breakdown

By Kellan King

Rutgers went 3-6 last year, their best season yet in the Big 10, including a big win over Michigan State. They were propelled by an opportunistic defense that was able to force a lot of turnovers and give the offense good field position, along with a balanced run game led by Isaih Pachecho. Currently Rutgers is at $24.79 on the SimBull market, 6th lowest on the market.

Reasons to Buy

Rutgers is a program on the rise. They had a good year last year, and under Greg Schiano they should only improve. They return 21 starters, almost all of their key contributors from last year. They have one of the best front 7s in the Big 10, and have veterans at the skill positions on offense, including QB Noah Vedral, who was solid last year. They do have a tough schedule, playing in the Big 10 East, but all the experience and talent from last year’s breakthrough team should help Rutgers improve. They also have such a low price, under $25, which means they only have to slightly over perform the low expectations.

Reasons to Sell

I mean, its Rutgers. They’ve won 10 conference games in 7 years. All jokes aside, there are reasons for concern. Its unlikely that the Scarlet Knights will be able to replicate their turnover difference from last year, and that could hurt an offense that is not very explosive. They also have a QB who threw 8 picks last year, and struggles with inconsistency. If their defense can’t generate turnovers, they’ll struggle to compete with good teams.

Final Verdict

You should definitely buy Rutgers. They are improving, have lots of talent on both sides of the ball, and a good coach with Big 10 experience. They’ll be able to find 4 or 5 wins somewhere and make you some money.

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