My College Football Top 25

By Kellan King

  1. Alabama

This one is self explanatory, Alabama has looked good all season, and I believe the close win against Florida was a reflection of how good Florida is, not that theres something wrong with Alabama.

  1. Georgia

Georgia beat Clemson, and that win doesn’t look as good now, but its still a great win. They also dominated UAB and South Carolina, and have the best defense in college football.

  1. Oregon

Oregon had a huge win over Ohio State on the road, and their close win over Fresno State looks a lot better now. The Ducks should easily win the Pac-12.

  1. Iowa

Iowa has 2 big wins over 2 ranked teams, including an Iowa State team that was manys dark horse playoff team. If their offense can get it going, they should make the playoff.

  1. Oklahoma

Oklahoma has struggled this year, with close games against Tulane and Nebraska. They will need Spencer Rattler to play up to his potential if they want to win the Big 12 in finish top 4.

  1. Penn State

Penn State might have the best resume in college football, with wins over Wisconsin and Auburn. If they can keep winning, the game against Iowa on October 9 could be a big one.

  1. Texas A&M

The Aggies haven’t impressed so far, but there are positives. Backup QB Zach Calzada looked better last week, and they still have a great defense. They will have a big test this week against Arkansas.

  1. Florida

Florida looked good before last week, but last week impressed many, including me. They came back and could’ve beat the best team in the country, and that was without the uber athletic Anthony Richardson.

  1. Cincinnati

The Bearcats look good once again, and had a good win over Indiana. However, if they want to make the playoff, they will have to dominate Notre Dame.

  1. Clemson

Clemson does not look like the Clemson of years past, and the offense has really struggled. They probably have enough to win the ACC, but I don’t see them in the playoff.

  1. Ole Miss

Lane Kiffin might finally have a great team. QB Matt Corral looks like a Heisman candidate, and they just crushed Tulane, who took OU to the brink. We will see how good this team really is against Alabama in 2 weeks.

  1. Ohio State

Similar to Clemson, Ohio State just doesn’t have it. They have tough loss to Oregon and close wins over Tulsa and Minnesota, and I believe they need to make a switch at QB if they want to turn around their season.

  1. BYU

BYU is the only teams with wins over 3 power 5 teams, including 2 ranked teams. That resume speaks for itself.

  1. Notre Dame

Notre Dame didn’t look great in the first 2 weeks, with close wins over bad teams. They did have a good win over Purdue, but there are still a lot of question marks for the Irish.

  1. Arkansas

Arkansas looks very good early on under Sam Pittman. They dominated Texas, and have possibly the best run game in the country. If they can beat Texas A&M this week, they could be true contenders in the SEC.

  1. Iowa State

Iowa State looked shaky in weeks 1 and 2, with a close win over FCS Northern Iowa and a loss to Iowa. However, they still have 2 big talents in Brock Purdy and Breece Hall.

  1. Michigan

Michigan has a great team this year, and has dominated all 3 games so far. However, they will need to beat a top team before I can put them any higher.

  1. Michigan State

The Spartans dominated Miami last week, and RB Kenneth Walker looks elite. They play in the tough Big 10 East, but they will be a tough game for anyone.

  1. Fresno State

The Bulldogs look like an elite team. QB Jake Haener is tough as nails, and they had a big win over UCLA, and their loss was a close one to a great Oregon team.

  1. Wisconsin

The Badgers looked good against Eastern Michigan, and almost beat Penn State. However, their offense will need to improve if they want to beat Iowa.

  1. Coastal Carolina

Coastal hasn’t looked as good as last year, but still have talent, led by Grayson McCall. They should be able to finish undefeated.

  1. North Carolina

The Tar Heels had a big setback in Week 1, but they have looked good the past 2 weeks. If Sam Howell can get it going, they could still win the ACC.

  1. Auburn

The Tigers dominated bad teams the first 2 weeks, but proved they can hang with top teams against Penn State. They will need to improve though if they want to compete in the SEC West.

  1. Maryland

Maryland has looked good under Taulia Tagovailoa. They got a big win over West Virginia in Week 1, and have kept winning. Are they playoff contenders? No, but they are a very good team.

  1. Liberty

The Flames have one of the best QBs in football in Malik Willis, and have dominated inferior competition so far. We will see how they fare against a Power 5 team this week in Syracuse.

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