Big 12 Football Power Rankings

By Ishan Parikh

  1. Oklahoma

2021 was the first time Oklahoma was unable to win the conference since 2014. And that still didn’t stop them from having the best offense (39 PPG). Yes, their defense wasn’t that good but they got 5 4-Star Recruits helping the linebackers and secondary. On top of that Oklahoma got the most 4-Star Recruits in the entire Big 12. Oklahoma will take back the conference now because they’re stacking up.

  1. Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State didn’t win the Big 12 in 2021 but had a better conference record and overall record compared to Baylor as well as a better point differential average. Oklahoma State had one of the most balanced teams last year with the 3rd best offense (31 PPG) and the best defense (18.1 PPG allowed) in the Big 12. Another thing they have over Baylor was players gone. Oklahoma State lost 3 players to the draft compared to Baylor’s 6.

  1. Baylor

Baylor won the Big 12 Conference so I have to put them in the top 3. However, because this is the first time they won since 2014, they haven’t certified themselves as a consistent big 12 contender. Like I said earlier they lost 6 players to the draft and only gained 2 4-Star Recruits. On the other hand, in 2022 they had the second-best offense and defense in terms of PPG.

  1. Texas

Texas were one of the worst Big 12 teams last year but for the recruits they got and the positions they filled, then I have to put them at 4. They lost some key players to the 2021 Draft like Sam Elingher and Joseph Ossai. Now they got the second most amount of 4-Star Recruits with 18 filling some positions in need and the only 5-Star Recruit in the Big 12 in Devon Campbell. They will be the most improved team in the Big 12 for the 2022 season.

  1. Iowa State

Iowa State was an above-average team last year and I think the same will happen for them this year. They got 4 4-Star Recruits while also losing 4 players to the draft. They also had one of the best offenses and above-average defense. For the last 5 years they’ve always been an average team and this year, the same will happen.

  1. West Virginia

In 7 of their last 10 seasons, West Virginia has finished above 500. 2021 obviously being an exception. They finished 6th in the Big 12 last year but unlike Kansas State, they didn’t lose anyone to the draft. West Virginia didn’t have the greatest offense or defense last year but the 3 4-Star Recruits will push them above 500. 

  1. Kansas State

Even though Kansas State finished 5th overall in the Big 12, they lost some key players to the draft. Kansas State lost their starting quarterback Skylar Thompson to the Dolphins and their best DB Russ Yeast to the Rams. They didn’t even get any notable players in particular recruiting 3 3-Star Recruits. Nonetheless, Kansas had a mediocre offense but an above-average defense. 

  1. Texas Tech

Texas Tech finished with a winning record last year for the first time since 2015. Every single year they are known for having a good offense and horrible defense. Texas Tech had an average offense for the big 12 but also the third-worst defense in terms of points. Texas Tech also lost their number one receiver Erik Ezukanma to the Dolphins in the draft. On the plus side, however, they got a 4-Star Recruit WR Tyrone West. And to help the defense out they got Isaiah Crawford a DE from Post TX.

  1. TCU

TCU finished second to last in the Big 12 in the record as well as 3rd least amount of points (28.6 PPG) and 2nd most points allowed (34.9 PPG allowed). On the plus side, they got 3 4-Star Recruits which is more the Texas Tech and Kansas State so they do have a little promise.

  1. Kansas

In my opinion, this was the easiest rank for me to give. Kansas had the worst overall record (2-10) and the worst conference record (1-8) in the Big 12. They are the only team along with their cross-state rivals Kansas State that did not pick up a 4 or 5-Star Recruit and lost a player to the draft. On top of all this, they had the worst offense and defense by far in the Big 12 and they haven’t had a winning record since 2007. 

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