From Pac To Big? Team Joining Grades (Football)

This is what the Big 12 could look like in a few years. The Big 12 is not done adding teams for the departure of Texas and Oklahoma. Sources say that the Big 12 is out to talk to Pac 12 teams Utah, Arizona and Arizona St, Oregon, Washington, and the returning Colorado. Each team has their own case to get into the Big 12. Colorado who left in 2010 looks to make their return in the upcoming years. Arizona, Arizona St, Utah, Oregon, and Washington are just looking for a new conference as the Pac 12 looks to be in shambles with the departure of USC and UCLA to the Big 10. Here is each teams case in joining the Big 12.

Utah: The Utes are one of the better teams in Pac 12 and have had history with Big 12 teams. Most recently against Texas in the Alamo Bowl where they came up short. In Utah’s history, they have won 25 conference championships in 5 different conferences along with winning a year ago. Personally, Utah is the best team to join the Big 12 now with Texas and Oklahoma leaving and Cincinnati, Houston, UCF, and Holy War opponent BYU joining. I think Utah would be a good fit for the Big 12. Grade A

Arizona: The Wildcats is a weird case being the bottom of the Pac 12 already. I don’t think they would fit from a football standpoint but maybe in basketball. I don’t think Arizona’s defense would be able to holdup against the stacked Big 12 offenses. I think Arizona would play better in a conference in the WCC or MWC. Grade C+

Oregon: Along with Utah, Oregon is a perfect fit for the Big 12. Oregon has consistently been a top 25 team the past few years. They have also had one of the best offenses and defenses in the Pac 12 a year ago. Oregon will give competition to the likes of Oklahoma St, Baylor, and the incoming BYU and Cincinnati. Oregon would fit in great with the competitive nature the Big 12 offers. Grade A

Washington: The Huskies could be a decent fit. In 9 of the last 10 years, they have had a bowl eligible record. In recent years they have been pretty mediocre. The defense has been ok but the offense has been very inconsistent but has still provided 10 offenses draft pick with RB Myles Gaskin being the best playing for the ‘Fins. I believe that Washington could give teams like Tech and West Virginia, who are on the rise, solid competition for that middle of the pack in the Big 12. Grade B+

Arizona St: The Sun Devils have a similar case to Washington. In 8 of the last 10 seasons, they’ve also had a .500 record making the Las Vegas Bowl but coming short to the Wisconsin Badgers. Arizona St could also give solid competition with their dependable offense. However, the defense could struggle in the Big 12 with the high power offenses from the likes of Baylor, Oklahoma St, and the uprising Texas Tech, West Virginia, and Kansas St. I see Arizona St giving those 3 teams and TCU some trouble if they join. Grade B

Colorado: Colorado looks to make their return to the Big 12 after leaving along with Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Nebraska. Since leaving, they have had only 1 winning year back in 2016. I don’t think this would change in the Big 12. They have had very some inconsistent years offensively and defensively recently and The aggressiveness of the Big 12. I expect Ralphie’s boys struggle and prolly should join the Mountain West instead. Grade: C-

Here is each teams grade and reason on if they should join or not join the Big 12.

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