One-on-One with Jace Posey

By Cullen Avent

It’s been an eventful past few months for Jace Posey, Houston’s 4-star shooting guard on the rise. 

Jace Posey has quickly gained both scout and media attention this summer after receiving a highly coveted invitation to the NBPA Top 100 Camp in June of 2022, putting his elite game on display (through exhibition games and skill development workouts) for college coaches and NBA players. In July, alongside longtime teammate Jaland Lowe, Posey led his EYBL team to the Final Four of the legendary Nike Peach Jam tournament. Although his team was eliminated, Posey has witnessed his recruitment stock skyrocket and plans to continue his top-notch level of play in his senior season.

Posey currently holds offers from Vanderbilt, Texas Christian University, Arizona State University, Texas A&M, The University of Miami, George Mason University, and Memphis. Not to mention the University of Houston offer that Posey holds for track & field.

Insider Institute met up with the breakout guard for an exclusive interview, covering his first official college visit, his large social media presence, his approach to dealing with pressure, and more. 

II: You were selected for the NBPA Top 100 Camp – what was your experience like competing with and against so many talented players?

JP: Being selected for the NBPA Top 100 camp was an honor. Competing with all the talented players and big names made the camp super fun. While competing we also formed friendships.

II: Were there any nerves involved while playing in front of the best coaches in the nation?

JP: Not at all, I’ve done it before so I had no problem doing it again. I just [had] to go out and play my game.

II: What was going through your head as the Houston Hoops continued to advance through Peach Jam as the underdog in almost every game? Did the mentality start to shift after a few wins?

JP: Before we arrived at Peach Jam everyone on the team was asked what their goal was, and everyone responded “To win Peach Jam”. Going into this nobody thought we were going to be as successful as we were. People may have seen us as the underdogs but on our end, we knew we could compete with every team out there. The mentality was always there!

II: Nearly every week this summer you’ve been playing basketball. Whether it be at a camp, an EYBL session, or a school tournament. What is your recovery process like? What do you do to relax, and how do you prevent overworking your body?

JP: Before the majority of my games I tape my ankles to prevent on-court injuries. Off the court, I use the NormaTec, which uses air compression to help your blood flow. I’ll ice my body a ton off the court as well. When I’m in town I visit a chiropractor and he helps me get my body right. On the mental side of it, I make sure to consistently talk to God and talk to anyone if needed.

II: Who are your top 3 artists for gameday? 

JP: I would have to say, Nardo Wick, Dababy, and p2real.

II: As I’m interviewing you, you’re currently in Portland for Damian Lillard’s select basketball camp. What is that experience like? Not only meeting, but also learning skills from one of the best players in the game?

JP: It means a lot, only 20 high school students were invited and I was one of them. During my time here, I’ve learned bits and pieces of information to help me take my game to the next level, whether it’s on the basketball side, mentally, or spiritually.

II: Who are 3 players in your class that you would like to team up with some time in the future—Whether it be at a camp, in a private/open run, or in the NBA?

JP: I would have to say Tj Ford Jr, that’s been my guy since day one and the chemistry on the court is there. Next, I would say Jaland Lowe, he’s also my guy. We played with each other during our middle school AAU career and our final year of AAU on the EYBL circuit. During our last year, we turned up and shocked the world and I feel like we could do it again. Lastly, I would say, Bronny James. We’ve known each other since 2014 and have only played against each other once but never played on the same team. So that’s someone else I’d like to play with.

II: Your social following has increased this summer due to your on court performance. There may be times when you’re scrolling through social media or Youtube and see a highlight, mixtape, or picture of yourself. How do you feel about this newfound media attention?

JP: The media attention is pretty cool. I’m always excited to see myself somewhere on someone else’s platform. I watch most of them but won’t allow it to get to me. At the end of the day the goal is to make it to the NBA, so no matter how good I look in these clips I always gotta improve on something.

II: When you see a comment or post criticizing you , what’s your initial reaction? Do you ever want to respond, or would you rather let your game do the talking? 

JP: I see them all the time. None have hurt my feelings at all or made me feel some type of way. Some days I might share my thoughts but nothing crazy, but every time I step on the court one of my goals are to prove someone wrong!

II: You recently went on your first official college visit. What was the experience like? Was it everything you expected?

JP: Going into it I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I enjoyed my time there. I got closer to the staff and saw the campus so I got a good feel for the school.

II: During the recruitment process, what are some things that a school can do to stand out and leave a positive impression on you? 

JP: I look for coaches who are in constant communication with me and just give off good energy.

II: what colleges do you hope to hear from during the recruitment process?

JP: I don’t have any in mind, but I’m open to everything at the moment.

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