James Franklin Weekly Presser Recap: October 11

By Andre Monroe

STATE COLLEGE – James Franklin held his weekly press conference in Beaver Stadium on Tuesday. Franklin gave essential updates along with a look ahead to Michigan this Saturday. Franklin began with an opening statement, touching on his familiarity and respect for the Michigan football program.

“Got a ton of respect for what they’re doing, how they’re doing it,” Franklin said. “It’s going to be a challenge, they’re able to run it, they’re able to throw it, their offensive line was considered to be the best in all of college football last year.”

Franklin couldn’t be more correct in his assessment. Michigan’s offensive line lacks credit in the emergence of RB Blake Corum. Michigan, who won the 2021 Joe Moore award as the nation’s best offensive line, ranks third in the Big Ten in rushing offense at 212.3. They are a powerhouse and are equally superb in the passing game, ranking fourth in the conference in total offense. Franklin realizes the problems a team of Michigan’s stature could pose. These problems may be amplified by Penn State not playing in 13 days, combined with the physicality of Michigan. James Franklin was asked about this unique circumstance.

“That’s where having a mature football team is very important”, Franklin said. “That’s also where having a Tuesday and Wednesday practice in pads is important. There’s a fine line because you want to make sure, during the bye week, that you’re doing enough to get their legs back so we’re as fresh as we can be.”

However, this doesn’t point to a lack of confidence in James Franklin or his team. Franklin believes his team has improved in the last couple of weeks, saying, “We’ve done a good job of self-scout, and have a good idea of who we are.”

Franklin also vocalized confidence in his offensive unit.

“Overall, I’ve been pleased. I think we’re taking steps in the right direction. I think that group is starting to play with some confidence. I think we’re doing a good job of, again, staying balanced for as long as we possibly can and being a little bit more unpredictable.” Franklin said of the offensive line.

Franklin also gave an update on WR KeAndre Lambert-Smith.

“Overall health, I think, knock on wood, we’re in a pretty good place,” Franklin said. Franklin described Smith’s status as “hopeful”.

Andre Monroe covers Penn State Football for Insider Institute. Follow him on Twitter @amonroe_ and Contact him at andremonroe03@gmail.com.

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