Immediate Post-Game Observations: Penn State defeats Lafayette

Three-Point Shooting saves the day, again

By Andre Monroe

STATE COLLEGE – Discussion around Penn State’s fiery three-point shooting may come off as a beaten drum at this point in the season. In its season opener against Winthrop, Penn State broke a school record for three-pointers made in a game with 18. Since then, perimeter shooting has become Penn State’s x-factor, giving them an edge. Against opponents with a height advantage, Penn State has been able to hinder this weakness with its streaky three-point shooting. Its matchup against Lafayette was no different. Penn State was able to go small and light it up beyond the arc. Penn State finished with 41% from the perimeter on 27-56 shooting compared to Lafayette’s 32% on 9-28 shooting. Lafayette quickly got up on Penn State, up as much by seven early in the first half. Penn State was unable to penetrate on the offensive end early on, but three-point shooting kept them in the game against a hot Lafayette team out of the gate. Lafayette out-rebounded Penn State 40-33 and had 15 second chance points to Penn State’s seven. However, Penn State succeeded in its formula it has used all season. Defeat taller teams by out-shooting them from the perimeter. 

Seth Lundy’s two-way emergence

Seth Lundy’s two-way ability isn’t a new kink in his game. Before the season, Lundy touched on his emergence on the  defensive end before the season

“The game slowed down for me,” Lundy said. “This year I just need to be the guy who’s going to be a team defender. Helping the helper, being a great defender off the ball.”

We’re seeing that show itself this season. Lundy, a 48% three-point shooter this season, has greatly contributed to Penn State’s perimeter shooting. However, what has been more impressive is his commitment on the defensive end. Micah Shrewsberry has done a great job of getting his guys to buy in to playing team defense, but Lundy’s individual defense has stood out. He’s both second in blocks and rebounds for Penn State this season. He often defends the opposing team’s best player and has been versatile in guarding multiple positions. In a Big Ten with talented guards, Lundy’s value on both ends in insurmountable. 

Importance of Jalen Pickett’s Shot Creation

Jalen Pickett is Penn State’s best player, and many are aware of it. He leads the team in scoring and orchestrates on both ends of the ball. However, what is not discussed enough is his role in Penn State ranking near the top of the country in three-point shooting. Pickett is shooting 38% from three, but that isn’t his sole contribution to Penn State. Pickett’s ability to penetrate with ease opens up three-point shooters. He almost acts as a point center at times, but he can do everything. Pickett can play-make in the pick-and-roll, find cutters, and dish to open teammates in isolation. His scoring speaks for itself; he leads Penn State with 14.7. More impressive is the variety in which Pickett does it: from the perimeter, in isolation, the pick-and-roll, and pick-and-pop. Pickett’s three-level scoring has been a quiet reason for Penn State’s record-breaking success from deep.

Andre Monroe covers Penn State Basketball for Insider Institute. Follow him on Twitter @amonroe_ and Contact him at

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